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8:24 Siblings as marriages witnesses question (The Common Room) by Davedrave
8:10 Alexander Coates (Dublin) by wivenhoe
8:09 neil mclaughlin bunn glengad malin (Donegal) by aghadowey
8:04 Ballinabrackey, Castlejordan, Baltinoran, Rockfield. HUGHES (Westmeath) by Kiltaglassan
7:49 Czech translation please. (The Common Room) by Mowsehowse
7:46 Septimus Thompson (1859 - 1897) from Westoe, Durham. (Family History Beginners Board) by wivenhoe
7:29 Lewis/Hickey family (Galway) by wivenhoe
7:22 Papers Past Problems? (New Zealand) by sparrett
7:11 What is my name - Is it finnish? (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Kiltaglassan
7:04 Corwen Merionethshire Records (Merionethshire) by Dingaling
6:20 Lean Brazil 1891 yo 1989 kent (Family History Beginners Board) by maddys52
4:47 Information on James May / Elizabeth Searle (Berkshire) by amondg
3:56 Elizabeth née Tolson in Collingwood ON c. 1880 (Canada) by nicholastolson
3:07 Old German Script Help (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Matthew4298
2:30 In 1877 my 3rd GGF died in an accident @ William Baid and Co (The Common Room) by jorose
1:43 Attrition (The Common Room) by JMB1943
12:40 William Ayling, Greatham (Sussex Lookup Requests) by ayling1
12:11 Elizabethan clergy (The Common Room) by GrahamSimons
11:56 St. James' Hospital, 1943 - Battersea or Balham? (Family History Beginners Board) by Girl Guide
11:37 CRANE Family of Cransford Suffolk (Suffolk) by Suffolk Mawther
11:23 Cousins Dna (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Ruskie
11:10 HMS Mull of Kintyre, Singapore. (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by loord74
10:57 Margaret James Plasbach (Carmarthenshire) by Gadget
10:25 James, Mary and Jane Tippet - gone (Cornwall) by Philezra
10:22 JAMES KNOWLAND (London and Middlesex) by haney
10:14 Can a DNA test help prove a link? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Biggles50
10:08 Identifying a castle in a painting (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Gadget
9:13 Divorced but buried together?? Alfred Wright (Lancashire Lookup Requests) by Ladyhawk
8:43 Pte. William Marshall (circa 1871 - 1915) Buried Ryhope Cemetery Sunderland (Nottinghamshire) by Ryhopelad
8:24 Hardie, Stewart, Arklay Family 1800's (Angus (Forfarshire)) by sarah
8:10 Thomas CARTWRIGHT Born 1864 Birkenhead England (Australia) by sarah
7:36 NICHOLAS - st.Erth (Cornwall Lookup Requests) by Tammy Kirk
7:02 Before census (Family History Beginners Board) by rayben
6:50 Antoinette Fèlicitè Philoméne Joly b 10 Dec 1850, d 20 Dec 1850 (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by apaulin
6:50 Unregistered births in the 1800s. Any experiences? (The Lighter Side) by coombs
6:43 Size limit for pm in RootsChat? Completed, thank you. (The Common Room) by Lisa in California
6:33 What became of Sarah? (The Common Room) by Stewart R
6:25 John Roy (Ayrshire) by Karytay