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8:52 South Dublin Poor Law Union - changes to inmates ages. (Dublin) by eileeb
8:47 Finding an address in the 1960s (Cheshire) by wilcoxon
8:40 Secret Adoption (The Common Room) by Biggles50
8:08 Help with marriage cert (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by MonicaL
8:01 Early JUSTIN's in New England (United States of America) by oldohiohome
7:53 St Botolph Aldgate parish records - address of parents (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Niggles
7:23 914th Co, Labour Corps (World War One) by SmallTownGirl
6:55 Great Great grandfather employer information (brewery) (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by MollyC
6:53 Doris, Rosina Amelia and Florence Boyle (Lancashire Completed Lookup Requests) by Ashtone
6:47 Alexander CLOVER - Ipswich (Suffolk) by Suttonj03
6:43 Man of War Inn, Cavan (Cavan) by Sinann
6:38 1861/71 Census Lookup Please - CLOVER (Suffolk Completed Lookup Requests) by Suttonj03
6:31 Diary summary week ending 16th June 2024 (The Stay Safe Board) by brigidmac
6:17 Who are these people? (Warwickshire) by Andy J2022
6:10 Ballymena - Cemetery lookup (Antrim) by H. M. Sherrard
5:54 Frederick Charles Dance (1899-1933) Fatal Road Accident (Surrey) by Bitzer1
5:22 Seven Oaks to Snook (Kent) by snookjohnd
4:10 Portuguese person in UK (Europe) by rogerb
4:01 Mary Oakley Over and Astbury (Cheshire) by Talacharn
3:58 Ancestry DNA Matches Updated Display (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Steve3180
3:02 FTDNA mystery (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by aghadowey
2:44 McLEAN/McCLAN (Travelling People) by Shane H
2:35 Wife and children of William Lightfoot - Bedford (Bedfordshire) by JillyL
2:34 Thomas Byrne (Family History Beginners Board) by aghadowey
2:07 David Surgenor Grange of Doagh (Antrim) by aghadowey
2:05 LEHMAN family Madrid 1958 (Europe) by aghadowey
1:47 Gabriel Adams Bickenhall b 1746 d 1844 and his son's wife's remarraige (Somerset) by alan o
1:42 Allan McDonald emigration to Australia (Australia) by Eric Hatfield
1:34 British shipping during Haitian Revolution specifically 1798-1802 (Armed Forces) by AnnieBard
1:32 Last line Inventory 1633 (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by horselydown86
1:09 Death - Sisters Rosina Amelia & Florence BOYLE. COMPLETED WITH MANY THANKS (Australia) by BevBaker
12:55 Anne ROBERTSON ca 1843 (Perthshire) by garlands
12:21 Thomas Joseph Darcy (Australia) by Jennaya
12:19 Burial in Bebington (Cheshire) by Geoff Houghton
11:23 Newspaper Records subscription (The Common Room) by Jayhen6
11:22 Kittelty Family of Bristol circa 1830 (Wiltshire) by ColC
11:18 Grealis - 1901/1911 census (Mayo) by aghadowey
11:14 Andrew Millar b. c1827 Greenock, Scot - d. 1898 Ararat, Aust. (Renfrewshire) by Forfarian