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9:25 Marriage contract 1769 - help to interpret (Devon) by goldie61
9:24 Marriage sought of Frank Duffin and Anne Spellers, Wexford? around 1855? (Wexford) by NicolaasMars
9:10 Ireland 1871 census lookup (Ireland) by sueellio
9:07 the Lathom family of Standish (Census Lookup and Resource Requests) by garden genie
9:07 Unknown sailor- improvement to photo please (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by Gadget
8:55 John Bunkell (Europe) by garstonite
8:45 Alan & Jean TABBS (The Common Room) by mowsehowse
8:44 1921 (The Common Room) by rogerb
8:41 Will the real Santa emoji please step up............. (The Common Room) by *Sandra*
8:35 Nokia Battery Charger (Technical Help) by VICTORIA
8:26 The ellusive Ezra Hill (Derbyshire Lookup Requests) by Kay99
8:15 Help required on Alfred Maurice Micheal Edwin Laval (Other Countries) by Blairvadach
8:15 Where else can I look? (Family History Beginners Board) by Pandasmum
8:03 Lucy Jane Powel (Berkshire) by tazzie
7:50 Thomas Jefferson - address, please. (Lancashire Lookup Requests) by garstonite
6:43 Jane Hughes (Family History Beginners Board) by Suzy100
6:33 1758 crofting site name - need help with a couple more (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Alan of Kaslo
6:26 John Steer,West Norwood,1880s.Charlie Chaplin (The Common Room) by organicgardener
4:52 Millman family Kidderminster (Worcestershire) by Dean Wells
3:42 Diary summary week ending 5th December (The Stay Safe Board) by mare
3:17 French wording (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by goldie61
3:13 Help with deciphering part of a pension record. (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by andrewp91
3:01 Seeking Info On James Dalgarno Who Married Margaret Ramsay @ Old Deer 24/09/1784 (Aberdeenshire) by Alan of Kaslo
2:59 Occupation in 1841 census (Scotland) by goldie61
2:57 "Jour de Paix" 1660. (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by goldie61
2:24 Mary Jane Evans Stewart - Where is she in 1901? (Angus (Forfarshire)) by Liviani
1:13 Help needed for 1763 Town/Croft name decipher (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Alan of Kaslo
1:02 few lines of Latin anyone? (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by DebPat
12:44 occupation of bride on marriage cert (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Gadget
11:51 Identify Unknown serviceman request (Armed Forces) by raonull4
11:49 Land Title -- Decipher numbers (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by Neale1961
11:23 Would anyone be able to help colour this Stirling Aircraft picture please? (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by PatBot
11:15 William Eagle. Norfolk Light Dragoons (Norfolk) by Ron Lankshear
11:09 Help with 2 French newspaper articles (Europe) by joger
10:48 MyHeritage -six days of free access to its US City Directories until Dec 7 (United States of America) by oldohiohome
10:45 New series next week on the Beeb of Who Do You Think You Are? (The Lighter Side) by Top-of-the-hill
10:38 CH48 search (Census Lookup and Resource Requests) by Julieharris
10:36 Henderson research (Family History Beginners Board) by Neale1961