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5:29 Cousins - German (Scotland) by feno
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4:22 Catherine Arthur (Merionethshire) by garlands
4:20 Czech Republic - Hirsch Friedrich (Europe) by fiddlerslass
3:57 Kinnerley Shropshire The Bevans (Shropshire) by gilesc
3:29 Ancestry discount (The Common Room) by *Sandra*
3:24 Grenadier Guards at Queen Victoria's funeral (Armed Forces) by hanes teulu
2:41 James Hamilton, quilter (Lanarkshire) by Harlem
2:37 Charles Gale (World War One) by ALAMO2008
2:16 Drant Family (Yorkshire (East Riding & York)) by Pastit_it
2:09 Elizabeth Jane Stewart (Perthshire) by Oletta
2:00 Chauffeur (Surrey) by Gordon163
1:59 CORK and CLARK surnames (Banffshire) by Fordyce
1:54 William James Davies Uniform Indentification (World War One) by AllanUK
1:53 Griffith Evan Owen (Caernarvonshire) by nestagj
1:22 Police superintendent in Bedfordshire in the 1920s. (Bedfordshire) by rosie99
1:19 Marriage John Goulding and Ann Robinson (Cheshire) by Talacharn
12:51 Margaret Nutter 1856 - Iím struggling a bit with this lady. (Lancashire Lookup Requests) by AngelaF67
12:50 Hellen Campbell born 1839 Blairgowrie (Perthshire) by Forfarian
12:32 Hirsch Austria/Czech Republic (Immigrants & Emigrants - General) by ourgang
12:03 De Jonge 1923 birth record in either Belgium or Netherlands (Europe) by vicky19
11:51 Roy Howard Baker. (Australia) by mygirlbill
11:33 1632 Baptism query (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by manukarik
11:28 Ivan Cooper Williams (Cardiganshire) by *Sandra*
11:26 Non-military war records and other related questions (Woolwich, Wigan, Chorley) (The Common Room) by libali