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9:59 Evan Evans B1878 , His Wife Ellen B1880 ( 6 Doctors buildings Barmouth) (Merionethshire Lookup Requests) by mckha489
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8:03 Austro-Hungari and Bessarabia (Europe) by Victori22
7:57 WW2 Demobilisation terms (World War Two) by Stirrick
7:57 Joseph Jefferson (Cumberland) by Gan Yam
7:54 Robert OLIVER date and place of birth query, Liverpool 1879? (Lancashire) by Gibel
7:52 Brick Wall 3.0 Jemima Richards (Monmouthshire) by osprey
7:25 Joseph Irons - Kingsthorpe - Northampton - Born 1864 - Bricklayer (Northamptonshire) by Ladyhawk
7:24 Margaret O’Callaghan (United States of America) by shellyesq
7:23 Damaged Attestation Form (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by leemeetee
6:58 Philip McHugh County Cavan Ireland (The Common Room) by Buldurham
6:49 Hawrylewicz family from Wielki Lubien, Poland (Europe) by Rob the luthier
6:32 RAF Pocket badge? (Armed Forces) by Elliebob
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6:15 Jones RAF Service Records Interpretation (Armed Forces) by fionah1973
6:09 Bergmann Friedhelm Temme (Dortmund, Germany) (Europe) by Descartes46
5:30 Full or half cousins? (Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing) by Ayashi
5:23 Condition upon marriage (The Common Room) by AllanUK
5:20 Baptisms Horsforth or Hunslet? (Yorkshire (West Riding)) by kath davis
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4:52 Marriage Cert (Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition) by littlefacey
4:41 Gunn / Killick family in Brighton (Sussex) by BumbleB
4:12 EDWARD ARMSTRONG WW1 1917 (Cavan) by trevalyn
4:03 Brick Wall 2.0 Mary Ann Jones (Monmouthshire) by QueenoftheWest
3:45 Photo enhancement/ restoration Emily Wright (Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs) by JustinVieira
3:42 John Pilcher! Huge mystery! (Kent) by ashtayl04
3:37 Which church is this record linked to, please? (Worcestershire) by AdamsHodgetts